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The Perfect Homepage

Published by: Jason Ciment on 04-10-2014
Here's a review of the salient points in this article by Paul Rouke from the UK analyzing why is such a compelling and persuasive user experience which can apply to our own websites - whether B2C or B2B.
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Published by: Jason Ciment on 05-18-2011
A visit to your homepage should enable users to find as much information as possible using the minimal number of clicks necessary. Putting yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers should give you an idea of what they will expect from your products or services and how they will search for them. Oftentimes, shoppers' searches are led by highly particular goals. This is why the composition of your navigation menu plays an important part in your messaging as it can convey very specific details of your brand in a succinct and instantly visible form. Furthermore, the placement of navigation menus can not only enhance the usability of your site, it can also help it achieve higher rankings on SERP's by employing relevant keywords. For an example of a navigation menu that reflects insight into user needs, talk to Joel Perkowski, owner of Grand Party Settings. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: LA on 05-14-2011
To establish your value and credibility, an ideal homepage should catch a user's attention and immediately start building their trust in your brand of products or services. It is this trust that instigates the trigger point, meaning the moment a shopper is won over into becoming a buyer. Trigger points are critical when you are promoting a product because there are thousands of product pages for millions of product types. Products need to make a distinct impression on your prospective customers, namely if their product search is based on need rather than desire. Desire-based searches can be satisfied flexibly, while need-based searches are usually conducted based on a list of criteria and can be more time-sensitive. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 05-04-2011
When you are in business to sell specific products, chances are you have competition so your homepage is under added pressure to catch a user's attention. With online attention spans waning faster and faster, you will want to be as forthright as possible with what youre offering and why it's good. Stating this with a lot of descriptive written content may get this point across, but few first-time visitors will have the patience to stick around and read it. Particularly in the case of a product-oriented homepage, people respond more positively to visual stimulation and connection points. Showing them who has trusted your products presents an eye-catching patina of credibility and among the best tools for this job is a striking list of recognizable list of clients. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 04-21-2011
When creating your homepage, it's smart to focus on search engine optimization strategies that are immediately visible to users like your domain name, page text, navigation features, and other related elements. However, it can be easy to forget the other options that aren't in plain sight but that also affect and influence your rankings. Among these less obvious optimization strategies are items call "meta-tags". Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 04-11-2011
Creating and establishing the domain name or URL of your website is a critical piece of groundwork in laying the foundation for the online marketing strategy for your business. Your domain name should present information about the products or services you offer, and be easy for first-time visitors to remember and share with other prospective customers. A domain name should be not only a selling point, but a differentiation point that sets you apart from less distinct competitors to make a lasting impression on users and search engine. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 04-01-2011
We've discussed several features of a homepage that help forge initial connection points with users. The ways in which your homepage establishes your value and credibility are especially important if you are offering a specific product. Outlining what you do with the presentation of a detailed product list in plain view is a direct approach to catching a user's attention. Such a list addresses their questions about you without making them play a guessing game of searches and clicks. Most first time visitors will usually move onto the next site before going to that much trouble. If your specific product or service is right before them, possibly alongside your industry specialties list, you have easily addressed their key initial questions. Artisan Precast offers the design and construction of precast concrete walls and fences that can be made to look exactly like wood, brick, and other conventionally used barrier materials. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 03-22-2011
After coming up with the logo and slogan that is right for company, a rotating banner can serve as an additional tool for catching attention. This fluid form of placement can combine text and graphics to appeal to both visual and kinesthetic learners. Placing the trademark of your brand in a prominent location is important but it is ideal to make it come alive to people the moment your site loads. "A rotating banner condensed our images and served to highlight what we have to offer and why we are the best choice of screening solution a potential customer can make," says Chris Dyer, CEO of Liberty Alliance. Dyer explains how this type of feature helped enhance his company's site. "You have to put yourself behind the user's cursor when constructing your homepage, and consolidating your information in a rotating banner is a great way to do that." Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 03-21-2011
Have you considered how important a strong headline can be for your website? The text that you choose to make into your headline needs to be chosen carefully as it will typically be the first thing visitors read on your site. Your headline must first catch their attention and then, concisely explain to them what you do and why you're good. If the initial messaging of your headline is inauthentic, vague, or uninformative, a prospective customer may choose to move onto another site rather than continue looking through yours. A headline can also serve as a valuable showcase for your primary keywords. Generic placement of your keywords does nothing to set your brand apart to users or search engines, but thoughtful headline composition can garner the positive attention of bots and humans alike. CEO Barry Yarkoni certainly considered the value of a carefully worded headline when his company's Vinomis website was being created. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 03-11-2011
Today we speak with Wesley Virgin, a fitness expert who runs online exercise program, 7 Day Fitness. Virgin discusses why written content, or page text, is a central factor of his- or any homepage. Page text serves both basic and complex functions in the online marketing of your business. First, it communicates the information that is most important to prospective clients: what you do, and why you are good at it. "It should be clear and concise, but should reflect your knowledge and professionalism about what you're offering," says Virgin. A second purpose that page text serves is to incorporate keywords to attract the attention of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that they rank your page higher and steadily increase its visibility. At the same time, your page text should use these keywords naturally rather repetitively overloading your written content with them, as search engines will eventually blackball your page because it appears to be nothing but spam. "We realized that driving traffic naturally would mean more lasting exposure." Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 02-28-2011
Learn how to use an opt-in form to increase conversions: [1] Grab Your Visitors' Attention; [2] Learn About Your Visitors (Without Their Realizing It); [3] See How Attracts Qualified Leads With Their Opt-in Form. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 01-22-2011
A homepage makes a great first impression by anticipating users' needs. A key means of doing this is by addressing their questions and concerns without making them search for the answers. We've discussed several ways to tell your prospective customers what you offer and why your brand is the best, but there is yet another important question they will pose: who do you work with? An industry specialties list provides a well-defined answer for this question. Such a list forges a connection point between you and your visitors by demonstrating credibility based on prior successes, and that is a contributing factor in why you are the best. "When your business is based on servicing other businesses, an industry specialties list is a must," attests Mike Lefkowitz, CEO of ECS Business Services. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 01-12-2011
Upon looking at your homepage, a visitor should be able to easily determine what you do, who you do it for, and why you are the best at it. A simple way to display all three of these aspects of your business is through the inclusion of partner logos. Today, we are interviewing Peter Preuss, who runs United Layer, a colocation hosting company. Preuss acknowledges that regardless of what specifics he is offering, chances are he is not the only colocation provider out there. The question is, how will he show his prospective clients that he is providing the best colocation available to host their server? It is necessary to demonstrate your credibility, says Preuss, as your own claims in plain text are not always adequate proof. We needed striking and recognizable partner logos. Read the rest of this blog post

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