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Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 05-06-2013
Over the course of the last few years, I have seen numerous clients walk away from web design projects and it is usually not due to the inability to pay for the rest of a project, but rather the fact that the project itself seems so large and intimidating, it seems easier to walk away. Since I have seen this problem numerous times, I decided to write a guide to better help prepare clients for a web design project that addresses the who, what, and why questions involved. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 04-24-2013
Since I feel the need to have my voice heard (it's been a while), I thought I would share a few of my favorite websites and why.

In my line of work I see a lot of bad websites and experience a great loss of sleep over this on a frequent basis, so if you are one of the offenders, just hire us, or find someone to help you stop hurting the eyeballs of innocent web viewers.
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Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 04-02-2013
Are you unsure what kind of image you would like to your audience through your website? Perhaps your stationary gives the impression that you are a respected attorney, but your website has the feel of a 1980's video arcade? If you are not sure what kind of image you want to present, worry no longer, take my quick and fun (hopefully) quiz to start to determine who you are and how you can present your brand best online. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 02-19-2013
We all know by now that cute kittens and funny memes can garner a laugh and a maybe get you a social media endorsement, but it is important to remember that laughter does not always generate a lead or respect for a business online. For example, see the picture of my cat to the right. If it was on our home page it might make someone question our judgment as web designers, unless we only designed sites for cat lovers. If you are a business owner, web designer or personal brand, it is essential to make sure that images on your website (especially the home page) quickly communicate what you offer, who you are and what you value. Furthermore, your website images convey your level of professionalism and can help with search engine optimization. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 02-12-2013
Is your website struggling to make a connection online? Do you feel like you are always the one giving in your relationship with Google, but are never receiving love back? The Search Engine-aire matchmakers at LA Dezign understand the frustration that comes when you are strutting around online in a cute new outfit (ie. sexy website design), yet somehow Google still sees you as a frog. Now wipe away the tears since there is hope. All you have to do is read my tips below on how to get some Google love this Valentine's Day. Read the rest of this blog post
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