Mobile Mondays

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Published by: on 05-05-2014
So this week's edition of the Los Angeles Business Journal now includes a nice pithy quote from yours truly on how a brick and mortar business can utilize SnapChat to drive new and repeat business. Check out my quote. I want to thank Roger Gillott from for making the introduction to the LABJ. Also really amusing that maybe 15 minutes before I received my copy of the LABJ I had written a note to Jeff Sklar from about something unrelated and there's his name right below mine. That's a crazy kind of Karma
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Published by: Jason Ciment on 03-04-2013
We�ve all heard about the frustrations of texting on a touch screen phone or tablet. The Android based, �swiping� style keyboard app, SwiftKey, attempts to simplify this everyday process and eliminates the pain that comes with having to use your touch screen keyboard. What sets SwiftKey apart from other swiping-styled keyboard apps, is their personalized predictive engine that predicts your train of thought and will offer up a suggestion of words. Now, what�s not intriguing is the simplicity of rapid speed typing, with a fast learning curve, accompanied by interchangeable keyboard interfaces, but it is the possibility of using this app in a professional or educational setting. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 06-25-2012
One of the biggest questions website owners struggle with is whether or not to use a fluid or fixed design layout. While there are positives and negatives to either, having an adaptable layout could turn out to be an advantage now that more and more people are using mobile devices as their primary internet source. Fixed layouts are in many ways more reliable because you see exactly what your users will see. On the other hand, if a user is on your site from a small resolution device like a mobile phone, they'll likely have to scroll though a lot more space on your site. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 05-29-2012
Mobile apps have become the breeding ground for new and unorthodox ideas in technology, and Bump is no exception. In basic terms, the Bump app allows mobile users to to transfer business and personal contact information with each other. How do they do it? You guessed it, by bumping. By simply bumping iPhones together, your contact list will immediately be updated with their information. Its efficient and playful enough to get even the most recluse of business associates to share their info. But that's not all this app does. Read the rest of this blog post
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