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Published by: on 05-02-2014
In order to evaluate the account there are several reports that will be needed to gauge the account. To download these reports we’ve outlined each step below.
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Published by: on 04-08-2014

When is a stock in freefall like a poorly planned website promotion strategy?

The last few weeks have seen a frightening reality in the stock market as the once high flying cloud-based talent management software company CSOD has seen its stock price plummet from over $61 to under $40 this week. And if you look at the news on the stock you simply see stock pundits and news agencies just reporting on the drop in the price after the fact but without any intelligence or guidance behind their words.

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Published by: Judy Cobb on 11-05-2013

For most businesses, websites have become an integral part of their marketing, branding and sales results. It is no longer enough simply to have a website. For most businesses, it must provide timely and compelling information about the business, the product(s) and other key aspects of the business.

The search algorithms that Google and other search engines use continually evolve. A website must keep pace and reflect those changes in the priorities of the search engines. Beyond that, websites quickly become stale and require ongoing attention to remain "fresh." Otherwise, visitors quickly move from your website to another. 

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Published by: Judy Cobb on 10-29-2013

Have you looked at your website lately? Do you look at it every day or just now and then? And when you look at it, what do you see?


Websites get to be a lot like old friends. After awhile, they are so familiar that we see what we expect to see. We assume that what was compelling when the website went live continues to have the same competitive advantage over weeks, months and years.


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