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Published by: on 05-09-2014
If you are going to advertise in Twitter and Facebook, it pays to create good looking and compelling ads.
Look at
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Published by: Jason Ciment on 11-09-2012
Ok. So James Bond cries. Hasn't happened since George Lazenby and for similar reasons too. OK short and sweet. Too much Dench time. seriously anymore closeups of her ancient punim and they should rename the movie Judi Skyfall. This movie was more about the aging Dench than the swashbuckling Bond. Not enough real action. Lot of time spent building plot and sadness and anxiety. But really Live and Let Die and countless other stil achieve a PACE that this film regrettably fails to deliver. It really felt like a 2nd cousin to the original Bourne movies. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: LA on 11-02-2012
Hurricane Sandy has been devastating to a large part of our country and the effect of its damage will last for years. Our thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy as well as those who have risked their lives to help those in need. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: LA on 10-26-2012
It might be 85 in Los Angeles today, but Fall is officially here. Once we pass Halloween, its just a hop, skip, and a fun-size snickers to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays. So what will you need to prepare for it? Think about what are the most stressful areas of the holidays for you. Do you spend too much too soon? Wait to buy gifts at the last minute? Promise too many people you'll spend Turkey day with their mother-in-law? Here are a couple great (and free) apps to help ease you into the holidays right. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: LA on 10-12-2012
Isn't it amazing that Halloween is almost here? I feel like we just were talking about new trends of 2012 and here we are, nearing the end of it. These last three months of the year represents a lot of good things to both individuals and businesses, yet we all feel the nervousness of extra spending grasping at us. This is the time of year where everyone spends a lot, whether it be for more hours for employees or holiday bonuses or extra shipping, every person will be feeling it in the wallet in just a few weeks. So how to lower the stress in the busy business season? Simple, get Adaptu Wallet. Read the rest of this blog post
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