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Published by: 04-18-2014  |  POSTED IN: Traffic Tuesdays

A study of RyanAir shows how SEO results are affected by 404 errors

This is a short post covering the strategy we advocate which relates to 404 errors. One of the overlooked elements of a core SEO campaign is tracking 404 errors in Google webmaster. Where sites mess up is when they delete pages that have already been indexed or change the URLs of those pages. If you do either of these things, you need to ensure that the old links either point to the new links, or they should be redirected to another page on the site which has relevant content to the original page.

If you don't spend the time to monitor your links changes, then you may fall victim to rankings depletion as has recently happened to high flying RyanAir in the UK.

Look at the recent review of how they got slaughtered for making such a stupid move in their URL update.,2DQYR,9O6NB4,8NB23,1#i.merahmf8zex1vl
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