Logo Creation

A company logo is often the first step in the corporate branding process and presents the visual symbol of what your company means, says and does. Finding a graphic design firm that can craft a sophisticated logo design takes research, honest communication, and a deep look inside the corporate culture of your business. And often the slogan that accompanies the logo is the icing that turns a poundcake into a rich, expensive dessert.

As you start your search, try to set a budget range for what you are going to spend on your corporate identity (website, stationary ...) and then allocate a portion of that toward the cost of the logo. Like any other business investment of course, the more resources, time and money you set aside, the greater the likelihood of coming up with a stellar end product. A logo that costs under $200 will produce a moderate look and feel and impact. Think of that as a me-too logo, not great but not bad either. Smaller businesses without an internal graphics team, should expect to spend anywhere from $750 to $5,000 for a logo depending on whether they invest in a corporate identity survey.

A word about the process of designing a logo - prepare to open the kimono.

We like to get a sense of your company’s personality, tone, and goals. We also want to get an overview of the marketplace. Who are your custoemrs and your likely prospects? What are your competitors doing? We investigate the arena and build a best practices library of what is happening and use that to guide the evolution of your online brand. And your logo is that instant symbol of recognition and credibility.

We don't mess with questionnaires to make things easier because the cookie cutter approach doesn't really work for each individual client.  For startup companies or even more established companies, answering questions on a form can prove challenging, especially if you have multiple stakeholders with their own opinions; not everyone may agree on what defines your company and what the logo should "say."

Ultimately, the decision to go with one company or another comes to down to how you feel about the team you are working with to accomplish your goals. Our agency does one thing few others do, and that is we put aside our egos and focus on your need to attract customers, close deals and build your brand awareness and adoption.

So give us a ring and see what we can do to help you visualize your company logo.

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