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TweetLevel: A Social Media Monitor

You have started Tweeting as part of your marketing mix for your medical practice. You know that you should be analyzing data to find what resonates with your prospective patients. TweetLevel is a social media monitor designed for Twitter users.
You can use TweetLevel to find out what your prospective patents are interested in so that you can effectively reach out to them. This same data can be used to make sure that you remain engaged with your patients by sharing topical information that might interest them. Patients are inclined to return to the physician that shows their empathy as well as their intellect.
TweetLevel takes a top down approach to researching what interests your patients. Their approach enables you to become familiar with:
1. Popular (“trending”) topics
2. What authoritative commentators (“Influencers”, “Amplifiers”) are saying
3. Listen to the audience that you are seeking
4. Use hashtags (#) to enter the general conversation and attract followers
TweetLevel performs advanced searching for:
- Specific dates
- Languages
- Words
- Hashtags
- Weblinks
What I like about TweetLevel’s search capabilities is that you have easy access to the various search types on one template. 
Your searches can be defined by “Any of these search words” or “all of these search words” or “None of these search word” without moving from their “Topic search” page. Tweet Level also provides you with the ability to export and even graph the data that you collect.
TweetLevel’s philosophy is that you should seek influence, rather than popularity on Twitter. Tweet Level will email you a list of who is already influential on topics in Twitter. You can use this list to decide who to retweet, who you might engage in conversation and whom you should study for clues about how to increase your influence.
Engaging Tweeple (Twitter people) in conversation is one of the building blocks of becoming influential on Twitter. How do you start a conversation on Twitter? How would you enter a conversation with somebody at a cocktail party?
1. Listen to them
2. Validate what you heard with a question about what they said
3. Offer a thought in response
4. Listen to what they say in response
Did you notice that most of what you do is listening or making sure that you heard them right? You want to be fascinating? Be fascinated by what you are hearing.
That does not mean that you have to detach your critical thinking or be a phony. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet. You may have to correct some of this misinformation as you come across it.
A genuine Influencer will listen to what you have to say and your sources. They risk losing Influence if they found to be misinformed. A bit of controversy won’t hurt your building Influence as long as you base your arguments on facts and maintain your professional demeanor.
I performed a topic search for “American healthcare” on TweetLevel. Below are the graphs of the data that they collected from Twitter.



I found TweetLevel’s adherence to its own philosophy refreshing. They believe that they will never be so perfect as to stop listening to their own users. Here’s what TweetLevel has to say: “This tool will be in permanent beta as we seek to continually improve its functionality based upon your feedback. Even though we believe that it goes a great way to understand and quantify the varying importance of different people's usage of Twitter, by no means whatsoever do we believe we have fully solved the 'influence' problem. What we would appreciate is your views, advice and criticism is crucial in helping us understand social media measurement.”
Try TweetLevel for marketing your practice. I believe that it can be a very effective social media monitor for Twitter. Do you agree with our evaluation? Tell us what you think by leaving your comment in the box below.
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Thanks for reading. Jason.
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