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Track Your Twitter Data Using Twitter Counter!

Twitter Counter is a Twitter Application Protocol Interface (API) that can enhance and simplify your Twitter data and marketing to prospective patients.
Effective marketing is syncretic. You need the right brain attributes of expression, emotion and creativity to connect with other people. Using only your right brain is an ineffective way to market your services. You may feel that you are conveying the right feelings to the right audience to get them to take the actions that you desire.
What if you are wrong? What if your prospective patients do not gather where you think they are? What if your creativity, emotion and expression is meaningful to you but not to them?
Believe it or not, the data driven thinking of a physician can improve marketing results. Marketing results need to be examined for what works. The left brain attributes of logic and analysis corrects any errors that can keep you from wasting money on campaigns that are not working.
Twitter Counter‘s tagline is “The # 1 Twitter statistics site.” Insert your Twitter user handle into the Check your own Twitter stats box at the top of the Twitter Counter homepage. A Visitor Widget will open where you enter your Twitter user handle one more time and then provide your password (which cannot be seen when the Visitor widget is used). Authorize the widget to work and get a free stats report from Twitter Counter.
In the report you get:
- A graph of your followers and tweets for the week
- The number of people who are following you
- The number of people that you are following
- How many Tweets that you have made to date
- A forecast of how many followers you will have in 15 days
- A forecast of when you will reach the next  benchmark number of followers based on how many followers that you currently have
- The top 100 Twitter users based on the number of followers that they have
Justin Bieber has over 33,000,000 followers so there must be somebody out there that cares about the top 100!
Twitter Counter premium services include a report of:
- Mentions made about you
- Retweets of your Tweets
- Retweets that you have made of Tweets made by someone else
- Mentions that you have made about other Twitter users
- The ability to export your reports to Excel or PDF format
- The ability to be notified when you have followers milestones
- The ability to share your follower milestones with your followers
There is another Twitter Counter premium service which you should seriously consider. You can use Twitter Counter to market your services. You will need to re-engage your right brain here but you will be happy that you did.
You (or your marketing consultant) should cast the bio on your Twitter profile to appeal to the kind of patient that you are seeking. Twitter Counter will then help you build your Twitter following. You choose: 
- How many page views you want
- The number of page views per day
- The period of time over which the page views will be seen
Twitter Counter makes your profile visible on their home page, their side bar, as well as their top 100 list. They also make your page visible on an affiliated web-site, Twitter Counter tracks over 82,000,000 Twitter users. They generate 92,000,000 page views a day.  Twitter Counter has 962,000 monthly visits.
Your prospective patients are amongst those all those page views and visits. The minimum monthly number of views is 15,000 which can be completed within a day or over a 30 day period. Twitter Counter estimates that you will get 150 new followers from those 15,000 views. The cost per month for the 15,000 views is $75.00. That means you will spend 50 cents to acquire new followers, all of whom could become prospective patients.
So bridge the divide in your mind when you are marketing for new patients. Communicate who you are on Twitter and test your results on Twitter Counter. Your brain (and your wallet) could be grateful.
We are always happy to hear your thoughts on Twitter Counter, or any Twitter related topic. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.
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Thanks for reading. Jason.
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