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Published by: David Nordella 01-17-2013  |  POSTED IN: Twitter Thursdays

Content Curation for Twitter

The most expensive cost for any physician is time. You cannot purchase it back after it is spent. Content curation is a convenient way for physicians to save time while engaging their patients on Twitter.
Content creation is bundling content from other writers for your readers. You assume the role of editor rather than writer. Your patients have the benefit of reading information edited by a trusted resource (you). The writers benefit from the increased traffic to the web-site where the articles are located.
You benefit from having a quick way of staying on the top of your patients’ minds using social media.
You can distribute a “newspaper” through Twitter by using It is operated by a privately held Swiss company, Small Rivers. draws from up to 25 source feeds to supply you with the content that most interests your audience.
Here is how you get started:
- Select “Start your paper” button.
- Choose a title for your paper.
- Write an explanation of what your readers will find when they read your paper.
- Decide how frequently you would like to publish your paper; daily to weekly.
- Choose your content sources including feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, blogs and YouTube.
- You can edit stories by requiring certain keywords.
- You can even add sources that mention your name.
- You’re done! then produces the paper for you based on your choices. The layout is attractive. You do have the ability to remove content prior to publication so you won’t have to worry about any inappropriate material being accidentally released.
The basic format is free but they insert ads on your paper. The Pro edition of is only $9.00 a month. You can remove their ads with the Pro edition and insert your own ads if you choose.
Our Twitter handle (@BeneficentGuild) is frequently used as a content source. We appreciate the attention that we have received from the Twitter community through We think that you will appreciate the content curation services of as well. 
David Nordella guest-posts for LA Dezign. Provider Finance 411 does not provide social media advice. We are adding our guest-posts from LA Dezign's Blog to Provider Finance 411's Blog so that you may learn more about social media and how it can benefit your practice.

Any conversation about finance that does not recognize the primacy of revenue is a farce. Social media is the best way to acquire new patients and therefore more revenue. We provide a link to LA Dezign solely as a service to our readers. We do not participate in affiliate marketing with LA Dezign.
Thanks for reading. Jason.
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