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Published by: Judy Cobb on 08-20-2013

The Web is full of commercial websites. Many fail to deliver the results that business owner wants or expects. Often that is because the business owner or person directing web development failed to provide a clearly written and complete description of what they expected on their website.

They needed a set of requirements the communicated exactly what business goals the website was required to meet, who they wanted to draw to the website and what they wanted guests to do once they landed on the site.

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Published by: Judy Cobb on 08-13-2013
Requirements are a key factor in determining how well a website achieves your business objectives. Simply put, requirements describe how a website works and what content and features should appear there.
Requirements identify, in tangible terms, the specific content, functions and capabilities a website must have. In short, a requirement defines what your website looks like and how it works.
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Published by: Judy Cobb on 08-06-2013
Any business has a body of specialized or technical knowledge. A part of that industry-and product-specific information can be valuable to your customers or clients when they make a buying decision.
These days, many people buying a major product or service search widely on the Internet for information that will help them make a good decision. A website that offers this information appears in website searches, attracts potential customers and increases the chance that the person will buy from you.
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Published by: Jason Ciment on 08-02-2013

Here are the types of link errors that are characteristically listed in your Google Webmaster account (e.g.

  1. Pages you formerly had on your site which no longer exist
  2. Pages you formerly had which have been renamed (but the old page names may exist on other sites)
  3. Links (from other sites) to pages on your site which never existed but the links are incorrect or have typos

Read on to see how to get rid of them.

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Published by: Judy Cobb on 07-30-2013
A business website should always be viewed as a work in progress. Retail businesses would not put up one display or window dressing and leave it for months or years. Your website is a similar situation. Search engines notice new content and factor that into the search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Without fresh content, websites become stale quickly as new sites appear on the Web and your competitors update their sites.
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