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Published by: Judy Cobb on 04-16-2013
A blog is an informational website that features regular updates (posts) and comments. Many blogs not only include the topics written by the blog's owner but also have comments and questions from people who read the blog or from guests who have been invited to write one or more postings. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Judy Cobb on 04-09-2013
The Internet is full of blogs these days: humorous blogs, political blogs, personal blogs dog walking blogs, environmental blogs, silly blogs and blogs on almost anything you can think of. And, of course, many business websites feature blogs of various kinds. The presence of so many blogs raises the question of how your business website can benefit from having a blog. Blogs provide you with several key benefits. A good blog can... Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jessica Brozyna on 04-02-2013
Are you unsure what kind of image you would like to your audience through your website? Perhaps your stationary gives the impression that you are a respected attorney, but your website has the feel of a 1980's video arcade? If you are not sure what kind of image you want to present, worry no longer, take my quick and fun (hopefully) quiz to start to determine who you are and how you can present your brand best online. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Judy Cobb on 03-26-2013
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies on two strategies for building traffic to a website. Most people are familiar with the first strategy: Web builders identify the terms known as keywords that are most frequently used when people look for a business or service and use those terms on a website to draw traffic. Traffic that arrives via those searches is said to come organically from search engines. The second SEO strategy involves backlinks. Backlinks are links that lead to your website from other websites. The major search engines not only rank websites using the number of visits to a website produced by organic searches. They also factor in the number of links to your website from other websites and visits to your website produced by people who navigate there by clicking a link from another site. Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Jason Ciment on 03-18-2013
Here at LA Dezign, we audit many professional websites for search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, to ensure that we know what strategies to focus on moving forward. It�s well known that whenever you pay for a service you should do a substantial amount of research, or at least enough, to understand what you can expect from an SEO audit. This way you know whether you are overpaying or underpaying for your services and will be prepared to ask relevant questions, while minimizing the risk of getting taken advantage off. Today, we briefly discuss what to look for in an SEO audit and what questions to ask. Read the rest of this blog post
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