Published by: Jason Ciment on 11-28-2013

Just watched a Danish movie called Headhunters. So why am I am writing this blog post instead of answering some client emails? The reason is that Headhunters is inspiring and worth sharing. There's tremendous business sense to be gained from this film. The attention to detail and to planning reminds me of this famous aphorism "Plan the dive. Dive the plan" which is something we try to focus on during our web projects. Often clients push us to just wing it and sometimes we do. And I want to admit that it just doesn't work out all that well. here's my take on why and what might be done to do better ... Read the rest of this blog post
Published by: Judy Cobb on 11-05-2013

For most businesses, websites have become an integral part of their marketing, branding and sales results. It is no longer enough simply to have a website. For most businesses, it must provide timely and compelling information about the business, the product(s) and other key aspects of the business.

The search algorithms that Google and other search engines use continually evolve. A website must keep pace and reflect those changes in the priorities of the search engines. Beyond that, websites quickly become stale and require ongoing attention to remain "fresh." Otherwise, visitors quickly move from your website to another. 

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