Published by: on 05-09-2014
If you are going to advertise in Twitter and Facebook, it pays to create good looking and compelling ads.
Look at
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Published by: on 05-05-2014
So this week's edition of the Los Angeles Business Journal now includes a nice pithy quote from yours truly on how a brick and mortar business can utilize SnapChat to drive new and repeat business. Check out my quote. I want to thank Roger Gillott from for making the introduction to the LABJ. Also really amusing that maybe 15 minutes before I received my copy of the LABJ I had written a note to Jeff Sklar from about something unrelated and there's his name right below mine. That's a crazy kind of Karma
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Published by: on 05-02-2014
In order to evaluate the account there are several reports that will be needed to gauge the account. To download these reports we’ve outlined each step below.
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