Published by: Jason Ciment on 04-10-2014
Here's a review of the salient points in this article by Paul Rouke from the UK analyzing why is such a compelling and persuasive user experience which can apply to our own websites - whether B2C or B2B.
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Published by: on 04-09-2014
Every once in a while I come across other articles - usually under the Top "x" number of items to insert into your website. Today I found one such article and it adds a few more items to the list.
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Published by: on 04-08-2014

When is a stock in freefall like a poorly planned website promotion strategy?

The last few weeks have seen a frightening reality in the stock market as the once high flying cloud-based talent management software company CSOD has seen its stock price plummet from over $61 to under $40 this week. And if you look at the news on the stock you simply see stock pundits and news agencies just reporting on the drop in the price after the fact but without any intelligence or guidance behind their words.

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