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LA Dezign delivers professional website design and development solutions at competitive prices. If you are starting a new development project from scratch or having a current website re-designed, we have the team to get the job done faster than you expect. We have the information and development resources here to help you organize what you might need. We will be glad to design a strategy for the entire site design and development process.

Review our 31 step web site design checklist to see if your site has what it takes to attract customers and enjoy high conversion rates.

  • Web Site Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Ecommerce (shopping cart solutions)
  • Content Management Platforms
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • PHP Programming
  • MySQL
  • .NET Applications
  • Java and Javascript
  • Flash Animation

What type of costs should I expect?

When a designer starts a site from scratch, the first page is usually the home page. This is where the bulk of the creative effort is made because the process involves developing a unique concept specifically for your business based on discussions, analysis of other sites in your competitive space and industry standards. The initial step is to prepare a layout with a design and color scheme that will provide a consistent look throughout your site. Then we have to implement a navigation flow and build a mock-up for you to review. After a little more back and forth, we finally come up with the first page. Then we take this and start integrating the concept into the rest of the site. All of the work then getting to this first stage of a completed home page requires a far greater amount of time as compared to building the rest of the site.

How long will it take to design a web site?

For most projects, the entire development process, from receipt of the down payment to signing off on the final project, can be anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks. Other than the sheer size of a web site (i.e. number of uniquely designed web pages) there are basically TWO FACTORS which affect the overall time frame for a web site design project: how fast the client responds to inquiries and how many changes are made between each rendition.

Will I see results in stages?

Of course! We are firm believers in staged deliveries. We know what it feels like sitting for a portrait just waiting and waiting to see the final picture and if isn't hard enough sitting still trying to smile while the painter fills out the canvas it is doubly harder keeping the anticipation at bay. Therefore, we create a private directory on our site just for each client where you can see how the design is progressing, and make any comments and suggestions to get it looking exactly like you want it. If you decide to have us host your site, we will actually develop the site on your account. This will enable you to view the latest additions and changes to your web design project.

Who will own the finished web site design project?

Depending on the situation, in most cases the client owns all the rights to the design, graphics and code.There are no surprises with ownership because the design agreement clearly spells out who owns which rights. We even send you the all the files we used in development so you can make the changes you need! All we ask is the right to post a screenshot and description of your site in our digital portfolio.

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