Search Engine Optimization

Getting new "targeted" visitors to your web sites is the business owner’s dream. Not just any traffic but direct targeted hungry traffic because such people turn into clients as opposed to window browsers. Search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo provide unique opportunities for site owners to get listed either by paying for ads based on keywords or by “ranking” in the free natural results area of people’s search requests. The process of producing high rankings in the free search results area is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our company has a special division called the SEOTimetable which devotes itself entirely to ranking high on search engines. We have spent 13 years studying the search engines and testing our methods in order to provide our clients with reliable and efficient optimization technique. When you engage the SEOTimetable, our team of professionals will research, analyze and customize a list of keywords which potential customers in your particular industry would be searching for and then we design a campaign to get you ranked for those keywords on all the major search engines.

What an SEO service can do for you

  • Creation of a unique keyword rich 404 error page.
  • Optimization of links within your web page.
  • Advise designers on placing unique content though css to optimize the web site.
  • Insert robots.txt files to add additional search engine content.
  • Find relocated and general directories to submit site links to.
  • Advise on a link exchange program to boost incoming links to site.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Ethics

Our company prides itself on its ethical and moral judgment which we bring to every single client. We do not work for porn or spam related web sites. The same ethics are applied within our SEO techniques. Many other SEO firms will use black hat methods to get your site listed on the top 10, however, these results are short lived because once the search engines find the hole they will plug and it will result in your site being banned from the search engines. Therefore, we use ethical and organic techniques to build authority within your site so that when you do get ranked it stays there.

5 SEO Pre-Campaign Guidelines

  • Plan for an ongoing campaign. Get the resources to make an initial 6 month SEO push. It's a good taste of what to expect over time.

  • Have patience. SEO can take time to generate results depending on your starting point. The seasrch engines don't like to see artificity. Therefore, the inbound links and new content pages have to be added naturally. You may not see your sales or traffic increase right away. This is why it is called organic SEO.

  • Set measurable goals. Reporting should be done right away so you establish a baseline. Then each period you run a subsequent report you can see the results and evaluate what steps to take to improve the metric you are measuring. Make sure you get at least monthly reporting. This helps you know the progress of the project and gives you an idea of what is being accomplished.

  • Update stakeholders. People in your company need to know your traffic plans. Any new products or product changes impact your web site. With enough planning, your SEO team can help generate the traffic early on to match product launches.

  • Set reasonable expectations. If you outsource SEO, don't look for guarantees. They don't exist in the real world. Look for performance on prior jobs and get references.

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